hi Everyone I am 77bbot and well i have a Question for you the BKBNation. We All know that Spiderman TAS is known as the greatest Spiderman Cartoon. But what i want to know is what is your Favorite the new Ultimate Spiderman or Spider-man: The New Animated Series or maybe The Spectacular Spiderman or maybe its old school like Spiderman and his Amazing Friends. Let me know What is your favorite and why. I loved Spiderman Tas its a great cartoon. But i was blown away by the Spectacular Spiderman and it is my Favorite. I loved the take on a young high school spiderman that was trying to deal with the thing i remember dealing with in high school and i loved the new edgier art style. And i loved the fact that even more well known as kind of small bit villians Were major players every week almost like Rhino and Vulture. So Whats your Favorite Spiderman Cartoon of all time BkBn and why?

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My favorite is the 90s spiderman show it had more storyline that made sense

My favorite is probably spiderman tas mainly beacause i grew up with that one and it had excellent story telling and characters(mainly due to excellent acting). My second is probably the new ultimate spiderman on disney xd i think if they do it right it could become as popular as the original fox kids one.

'90s series is good but overrated just like Batman TAS but I liked the spectacular spiderman show so much better than that new show their airing

90s and 60s show are the best but how can you forget spider man and his amazing friends

90's spider-man cartoons were the best.

I wasn't around to watch the spider-man animated series so i saw the show Spectacular spider-man first which i have to say is amazing .

the 90's!!!1


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