Hey guys just wanted to let everyone know that I'm a contributor to the following sites:


I write about webcomics and comics that are creator owned and I also interview creators so if you've got a comic out there that you would like to get the word out about email me taliadina@gmail.com


I write comic reviews and I also have my own column entitled Comicmaniacs. (http://www.fanboybuzz.com/category/columns/comicmaniacs/) here,  I do Class Comic Reviews and I interview and spotlight folks in the comic book industry as well as people who are doing awesome geeky things online, etc. 


(http://comicmaniacs.tumblr.com/) Is my blog where I post and reblog all things geeky throuhout the geek universe.

Toonari Post

I write music album reviews here.


I'm a writer for the book Womanthology: Heroic, the Womanthology Holiday PDF, Womanthology Valentine's Day PDF.

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bkbn and youtube

Need to update this.

I'm also writing for talkingcomicbooks.com and ComicsCrux.com (which will launch in August). 

My Twitter is @TaliAdina


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