Swamp Thing #18

Written by: Scott Snyder

Art by: Yanick Paquette

This is it, the final showdown between Alec Holland & Anton Arcane with Abigail Arcane's life hanging in the balance and once the dust settles, Alec makes the biggest decision of his life that he's been avoiding since issue one. The only thing for sure, is the life of Swamp Thing will change forever. To find out what happens, pick up this book, but to read my thoughts on this, keep on reading.


Scott Snyder, damn you! Snyder has written the perfect ending for this arc and that's something, to me, that hasn't been done in a while in recent comics. This is it, the fight that's been building up since Anton Arcane made his debut in the new 52 and it's written real well. The dialogue between the two arch nemesis is really good but its nothing compare to the writing between Alec and Abby (Abigail). Snyder did such a great job in having us invest in these two characters and how it was played out was done perfectly but at the same time damn you Snyder for pulling at my heart strings! Like I said in at the beginning, Swamp Thing makes a choice that's he's been avoiding since the first issue and sets up of what is to come for future issues.


Yanick Paquette did a absolute excellent job with the art as well as Nathan Fairbairn who had coloring duties. These two showed so much emotions with the characters and the settings. There are two single splash pages that are so beautifully done but at the same time are very heart broking.


This is a very bittersweet ending, This was the perfect way to end this arc but at the same time, this was both Scott Snyder & Yanick Paquette's last issue for this book. I'm very nervous of how the book's quality will be next month but am optimistic about it. You should definitely pick up this issue and the first few trades of Snyder & Paquette's run. I give Swamp Thing #18

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Comment by TenaciousRic on March 7, 2013 at 8:04pm

great review.

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