Comic Nation Review: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye #15

Transformers More Than Meets The Eye #15

Written by: James Roberts

Art by: Alex Milne

Rodimus and the rest of the crew aboard the Lost Light are about to come face to face with with an unexpected guest, the terrifying, psychotic powerhouse, Overlord and he's made this promise, " everyone on the ship is going to die"! Can the Autobots take down Overlord before anymore blood is shed and who will be left standing after the dust settles? To find out, pick up this issue! Keep on reading to see what I thought about this book.


Roberts doesn't miss a beat in this issue.If you've been reading this title since issue one, this will pull at your heart strings real bad but at the same time is a really well told story. You see different bots at different locations going about their day getting into their own problems when at the same time they hear the alarm go off and now they have to deal with this huge problem. I really liked that about this issue, you see them worrying about whats going on with them or what issues they had to deal with but then with a flick of a switch, it gets turned upside down. Seeing characters interact, observing on the chaos that is happening, you see and feel what they're going through, their fear, confusion, anger, it's all really good. The only one downside to this issue is that how it was resolved by the end of the issue (by the looks of it) but it's only a minor nitpick of this really good book.


As always, Milne does a excellent job on the art. When you have writing with these emotions in it, you have to be able to pull it off with the art and that is what happen. The facial expressions, the way the bodies move (even if some of these bots do not have traditional eyes or mouths, just visors and face plates), you can see all these feelings. Also the action sequences are done really well, a lot of these I would like to see prints be made of these.


Even though I had that one minor problem i mentioned before, it still doesn't take away of how much I enjoyed this book, I do think if you haven't been keeping up with this book I'm not sure if you'll get the same reaction as I did but I still believe that its a solid book and you should definitely check it out for yourself. I give Transformers More Than Meets The Eye #15

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