Jimmy from NGN here with some good news about the Marvel MMO, Gazillion Entertainment has announced that they will be launching their free-to-play MMO Marvel Heroes on June 4th (via CBM).

Those who purchased one of the founder packs will get the game earlier than the public release date. Owners of the Ultimate pack can start on May 28th, Premium pack owners can start on May 31st and Starter packs can start playing on June 2nd. Premium pack owners will also get invited to the closed beta within seven days of purchase.

But wait there's more:

Gazillion has confirmed that Christopher Daniel Barnes, who voiced Spider-Man in the popular 90's cartoon and the Shattered Dimensions and Edge of Time video games, will provide the voice for the Symbiote Spider-Man costume for those who purchase the Ultimate Pack. Nolan North will also provide the voice of Deadpool.

What do you Big Kids think? Are you gonna play this game? I am

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